The Promise of December


That bittersweet word that plays on my mind every goddamn year. Some people love it, I don’t like the fact I still live around it. Like any other child, Christmas for me was the most magical time of all. The winter walks, the smell of fresh cinnamon and candy canes, the excitement in the pit of my stomach where I found it hard to sleep. I loved that.

But once you reach adulthood you soon realise that life is cruel and fairy tales are bullshit! And at twenty-one, that magic and belief were torn from my grasp and I suddenly wanted to be that little girl again.December now means nothing. Christmas hurts. And the only coldness I feel is what’s congealed around my heart. Nothing would change, and no one could change it. 

Then I met him.

Book one in the Promise Series

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*****5 stars!! 


This book has everything from festive cheer to steamy scenes and had me laughing from the beginning. 

With her struggles of December and the heartache, she carries, Tamzin want's nothing more than the month to pass in a blur or be cancelled altogether. Noel, the gorgeous guy with a sexy grin has other ideas and will do anything to make her see what she's missing out on. Christmas to him is everything and overtime works his magic on the blond bombshell with festive adventures and heart-warming moments.

This novella has it all throughout the whole book, hilarious banter, romance, and sexy scenes. It's a sweet light-hearted read that will get you in the festive mood and keep you hooked from the beginning. Just fabulous!!

- Amazon Reader

****4.5 Stars!

This book was so sweet! I adored it, and devoured it from start to finish.It had everything you could possibly want from a sexy, romantic, easy to read book without too much drama or unnecessary angst. 

In this story we meet Tamzin, who absolutely cannot stand the month of December. Following some painful losses, Christmas stirs up too many memories for her, and being on her own tries to avoid the festivities. Noel on the other hand is from a big, extremely close family where Christmas is everything!!

It was very funny and there was some hilarious banter and lots of humour throughout! Noel was just swoony!! Both characters are extremely likeable. The story flowed really well and I loved the whirlwind adventure and relationship they embarked on.

"What if I can't handle it, Noel?" she whispers.

"Then I'll catch you if you should fall."

I loved the fact it was written from a dual perspective, so we saw both Noel and Tamzin's thoughts throughout. It was quite short and I would have liked a bit more from these two going into the New Year. Maybe a little epilogue! But overall it was super hot, super sexy, funny and romantic and I thoroughly enjoyed it! 

It's also made me feel rather festive already! <3

**EDITED** Honestly, I had originally rated this a 4! But I can't stop thinking about it... It's one of those books that just makes me feel happy when I think back to the books I've read this week, so I have upped it to a 4.5 - and the only reason it's not a 5 is because I wanted that epilogue (this girl loves an epilogue!). 

So, 4.5 festive stars!! 

~ Louise, 4 the love of reading.