- How many books will there be in The Spring Rose Bay Series?

At present there are five books planned but I have no official cut off point as new characters can be introduce throughout the series.

- Do I have to read them in order?

No, although the books are number marked they are each a stand-alone novel. However the books thought out the series contain the overlapping characters that are in Found By You. So if you are wanting to get to know them a little better beforehand I'd start at the beginning of the series.

- Do all your books have playlists?

Yes! I am a MASSIVE music lover and cannot go a day without listening to something. Whilst writing I found music very inspiring and put together a collection of tracks which I feel represents the story line and the characters within the book. Each playlist is displayed in the back of each book format. 

- Do any of the books in The Spring Rose Bay Series contain cliffhangers?

No! I go crazy at a book with a cliffhanger. So it's safe to say that none of the book have them.